Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shirt Sponsorship

Carlsberg considering ending its partnership with Liverpool does not make sense to me. Liverpool has one of the strongest club brands in the world. I have always thought the investment from sponsorship with regards to shirts was a wise investment. There are so many impressions that you have people see that it is such a strong reinforcement of a brand. I would suggest that sponsors pull back on money spent elsewhere and focus more and more on shirts sponsors. Think about it, for love of their club, people are walking around with the club shirt and your logo, reinforcing the brand throughout the week and year. I just don’t see why more companies don’t invest in this.


My comments were spurred on by the following article below I finished reading…


Carlsberg to end sponsorship deal with Liverpool
Carlsberg to end sponsorship deal with Liverpool After more than a decade of support, Carlsberg may be ready to abandon its sponsorship deal with English Liverpool. Forbes reports that the official Liverpool sponsor is currently weighing the available options, which would leave the club without an official sponsor by the end of 2010. Carlsberg Chief Executive Jorgen Buhl Rasmussen commented that the company was unable to look into other options due to the exclusivity agreement in place with Liverpool. Following a 17-year relationship with Liverpool, dating back to 1992, it appears unlikely that Carlsberg will pursue a contract extension at the end of their current term which expires in 2010. The Daily Mail reports that Standard Chartered is next in line for the honors, after losing their Manchester United bid to Aon. Liverpool has upped their shirt sponsorship asking price to GBP 15 million , with the likes of Manchester United sealing a GBP 20 million-per-year deal with Aon and Chelsea having inked a GBP 13 million deal with Samsung.

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