Sunday, August 9, 2009


I believe that certain players are worthy high dollar salaries. Partially because they produce wins, another reason is that fans want to watch them play and the clubs can generate tickets sales (home and away) every time they step foot on the field, but another big reason for me is how many shirts they can sell. To me, the more shirts you sell, the more you can pay the club back for the high dollar salary they are paying you as a player and it create for a great business proposition for both sides. =============================================================
My comments were spurred on by the following article below I finished reading…
=============================================================The Electric New Paper
Torres the best seller - THE more goals he scores, the more his shirts fly off the shelves. Fernando Torres' No. 9 shirt has overtaken Steven Gerrard's as the most popular selling shirt among Liverpool fans. According to Anfield commercial director Ian Ayre, the Spaniard has become absolutely vital to the club's commercial success. 'All the players are important but it's evident certain ones are crucial,' he said. 'Fernando is a global icon and a great footballer. They go hand in hand. 'From a commercial standpoint, he's a huge attraction.' Indeed, it was clear when Liverpool were in Singapore two weekends ago, Torres was the man every Liverpool fan wanted to see. Although, in fairness, if Gerrard was in Asia instead of having to attend a court trial for alleged affray, the Reds captain would have augmented his standing among Asian fans. However, the commercial figures suggested Gerrard is still lagging behind Torres in terms of popularity. Ayre revealed that Torres' shirt now outsell Gerrard's and that the Spaniard's No. 9 is the club's biggest seller. 'Torres' jersey is the highest-selling shirt here. I'm not sure when he actually overtook Steven Gerrard, and there's not a huge difference, but he is our biggest seller,' he explained. 'Being a global brand, we have a big opportunity to push on - but we know it's not all about shirts.' The striker has proved a huge success on Merseyside since signing from Atletico Madrid in 2007. In his first season with the club, he netted an astonishing 24 league goals and followed this up with another 14 last time out, despite missing large chunks of the season through injury. If Torres continues his good form this season, one can be sure many more of his No.9 shirts will be flying off the shelves on Merseyside.

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